About Cheméo

If you wonder what is Cheméo, here are some answers.

Cheméo started in 2009 as a research project of Céondo Ltd, now Céondo GmbH. The ultimate goal of Cheméo is to provide the best source of chemical and physical data for the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, material science and crop science industries. All the data are and will be available in open access.

The project is driven by Loïc d'Anterroches. Loïc helds a PhD in process engineering from DTU Chemical Engineering. Loïc has more than 15 years of experience working with property prediction models, fluid phase equilibria and chemical databases. With a deep knowledge of computer systems, from the way to create a webpage to the traveling of data between the CPU and the different level of the memory, Loïc has the unique set of skills to merge science and computers to develop and manage Cheméo.

The current state of Cheméo would not be what it is without the wonderful discussion with Dr. Claude Leibovici, the customers of Céondo GmbH and all the people Loïc worked and works with at DTU and other research centers.

LinkedIn See Loïc´s profile on LinkedIn and Céondo GmbH.

If you like numbers, here are statistics about the data in Cheméo.
If you are a coder, here is the API to access the data.

Physical and Chemical Property Prediction, Experimental Properties & Databases
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